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The Recruitment Process - Finding the Needle in a Haystack

by Aptitude Tests on 24 Jun 2014 permalink
Advertising and filling a vacant position in your organisation can be straightforward if you follow these guidelines. New tools are available.

You run a business and that enterprise is made up of people. Ultimately how you treat your people is how in turn they are going to treat and respect you. The recruitment process is an ongoing affair. By now you should be an expert at it. People move, relocate, get married, have children, whatever. Furthermore the good people seem to move on while the problematic ones seem to hang on...

You run a business, not a church or a philanthropic organisation. If there is no profit made there are no wages to be paid. Why do you have to always be on their back for accountability and productivity? How can you attract the right crowd that will make your business fly?

Raise the bar - be specific in writing the job description
If you want someone with skills A, B and C spell it out even if you think it is improbable someone will have a grasp of them all. The job description is also an internal document to be added to your procedures manual. It details the job specification, the responsibilities and the chain of reporting. Advertising a job is also a public relations exercise. Suppliers and competitors alike will notice so-and-so is hiring now!

Use psychometric tests before the interview
People have no shame in lying and fudging things. Foreign qualifications are an unknown quantity. Other folks have done stuff in the past but they have forgotten it or don't want to do it again. How can you be fair and assess everybody on a plain level field? How can you check how people perform under stress?

Setup a selection panel
There is wisdom in the counsel of many. It pays to open up the process with members of your team. You might not pick up on a technical incongruence. You might miss some non verbal clues. There could be some gender issues. Discuss the results of the aptitude tests with the candidate. See how they feel about their performance. Were the tests relevant?

Contract or permanent?
If you need to train somebody on the job can you get them to commit to stay with you for two years in return? Is a no-strings-attached deal better than all the trappings of workplace regulations? Can you throw in some extras like medical insurance, a canteen, gym facilities, child minding? What does it take to make people feel comfortable and give you their best?

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