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How to ace an aptitude or IQ test

by Aptitude Tests on 04 Feb 2014 permalink
Hate them or love them, you are bound to come across some psychometric tests in your job hunting. To avoid the effect of surprise and perform well under the stress of time-limited tests your only option to pass this next hurdle is practice.

The last thing you want in recruitment is to be treated like a commodity. People would measure up your brains if they could and this last mode of selection is the last straw in the job search obstacle course you're going through.

Do not despair - hope is at hand. Besides, you are not competing against computers or machines but other human beings who will also have to sit for the same test.

Look at it from the employer's point of view for a minute if you will. These days trust and honesty are in short supply. People have no shame in lying, fudging and stretching things to get a foot in the door. An aptitude or knowledge test might in fact be your saving grace as it is an unbiased way to see how all candidates perform without any prejudice.

At the end of this article you will find a link to a resource that will give you a chance to practice at home those types of tests before you are faced will the real thing.

A good test is designed in such a way that answering multiple choice questions at random will render an abysmal result. Since guessing is not the way to go, you'd better get the best return on your limited time by moving across to the questions you do know about.

Also remember that the same question is often asked multiple times in slightly different ways in order to eliminate chance.

Having practiced beforehand will cancel out the effect of surprise. Of course the tests you will face when applying for a job will be proprietary to that company but you will be confident that you've been there, done that...

Rather than hitting aimlessly at all jobs that you can find, this selection process will in fact force you to specialise in a given field. As the saying goes: "Jack of all trades, master of none." As you start to focus on a given industry or job classification you will find that your knowledge of that field increases - a definite plus when being screened for an interview. You will also find that doing your homework to find out what you need to know about a company you are aiming to work for will deepen your grasp and increase your confidence.

It's not the number of times you fail that matters, it's the number of times you get back on your feet and have another go. Go for it - you deserve it, you and the people you love.



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